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Changzhou YI DU Drying Equipment Co.Ltd. is a company of specializing in drying, mixing, granulating, dust,supporting heating,also we dedicated to research project, design, manufacture and operation.The company is based in Changzhou which city’s dryer is the most famous.Our company will keeping provide the best,the professional support for customers,beacuse we are the established company.We set up drying equipment laboratory for cutomers,than you can choose better.You can sign contracts with us after learn and test.Our company provide free trial,and our professional will provide tech support ,track progress and write plan.

We can become a banner in Dryer,because we keep research and development all the time.We have a wealth of experience and latest technology,we study of different characteristics of the material,and lead others.YI DU difficulty independent design and development, manufacturing and debugging of all kinds of drying machine and equipment has been widely applied to drying technology for many materials such as activated carbon dryer, and achieved gratifying effect of drying.As the leader of China's drying industry enterprises,YI DU as in the past for many customers to solve the problem of drying process, provide free drying equipment transformation plan.Technical team has accumulated great knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Our researchs have great progress with Shanghai University,Zhejiang University and Lianyungang Vocational College.We sum up and research again and again,we believe only hard work is the responsibility of the customer

Advantage Project

Activated carbon dryer

Activated carbon drying process becomes one of the hot projecs recently,it’s a great demand.Because characteristics of activated carbon drying is special,so some companies have no grasp of production.We own rich experienses about drying activated carbon and drying regenerated activated carbon.We provided activated carbon dryer and technical support for many big corporations .As a drying industry leader,we will expanding business with centred on Hi Tech.Choose activated carbon dryer,choose us !FREE !! Test Of Activated carbon dryer equipment

Activated carbon drying equipment



Spray dryer

Spray drying technology is a continuous drying process,and because spray dryer combine of drying and granulation,so we can also call it spray granulation machine.According to the different types of atomizer can be divided into centrifugal spray dryer, spray dryer and air pressure spray dryer.With the principle of spray drying to understand deeply, the special atomizing spray drier for Chinese traditional medicine extract, milk powder and spray dryer spray dryer for drying tower experiment.

Band dryer

Band dryer is also known as mesh belt dryer,it is a continuous dryer for mass production.There are mainly single layer belt type dryer, multi - layer dryer, impact belt type dryer, vacuum belt dryer equipment.Band dryer is the preferred equipment for material shape requires higher.In the last few years, there have been some equipment such as belt type sludge dryer, dehydrated vegetable belt dryer and so on,it gradually developed into efficient manner and large scale.

Fluidbed dryer

Fluidized bed drying is the abbreviation of the vibration fluidized bed dryer equipment, also known as the fluidbed dryer . Type of fluidized bed drier,A multi - layer fluidized bed dryer, horizontal fluidized bed drying equipment, spray bed dryer, spiral vibration dryer, internal heated fluidized bed dryer and inert particle fluidized bed drying equipment.Fluidbed dryer is simple structure,and wide range of application.Welcome new and old customers to our company.

Flash dryer

Flash dryer is one of the major products of our companies,the full name is spin flash dryer.Spin flash dryer drying equipment as one kind of new style, has the characteristics of fast drying, high thermal efficiency, uniform drying. Set the flash dryer drying, crushing, grading in a body, has a good drying effect for the cake, cream, mud material. Our company has the laboratory,you can use the laboratory to experiment,it can be convenient for user selection.
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